TiR – Cirque de Surplus

About This Project

‘The complexities of a food system in which waste is so prevalent are mind boggling. The facts and figures surrounding this environmental and social tragedy are confusing and disempowering. Cirque de Surplus engages people on a meaningful level while using participatory theatre to bring a memorable, playful twist to any event.

Are you a little wonky? Bent to one side? Come and join us in celebrating the fruit and veg that other people don’t want.’

I started Cirque de Surplus for This is Rubbish with Mickey Reedy and Sammy Britain in August 2016 as a way of bringing light-hearted and participatory engagement about food waste to public events and to involve performers and artists in highlighting this global issue. Plus it is a great excuse for me to make more vegetable costumes.

This is Rubbish is anti-food waste community interest company which has always been committed to its roots of creative activism and used the arts for public engagement since it started in 2009. TiR has produced many of its own events, normally with the staple ingredient of a giant salad toss.

Cirque de Surplus has a flexible menu of intergenerational activities, street theatre style performances and can even offer fruity compѐres for all occasions making it possible for the troupe to be commissioned by a wide range of partners and get the message of This is Rubbish out to a lot more people.

To date commissions include Groundwork, Cultivate Festival and West London Waste Authority.

Photos thanks to Alan Husband.

campaigning, events, food waste, performance, sustainability