CPD: Climate education & education for climate care

Young people have been making headlines campaigning for action to tackle the climate crisis and for more climate change education, but there are still many that are either unaware or disinterested. Either way, it will be an issue that defines their future. Consequently, all young people need to understand the basic science and moral complexities of climate change to enable them to care about and then take action to create a sustainable and just future.

  • Participating teachers will:
    • be introduced to social psychology theory of values and frames which can inform environmental action
    • have chance to discuss the moral quandary of values and behaviour change in education
    • analyse the school’s/institution’s vision or mission statement with consideration of future sustainability
    • look at case studies which help them plan how to put this into practice
    • be provided with activity ideas which introduce values for the future implicitly or explicitly into different subject lessons.
  • When is best for this course?
    • This workshop can take place at any time of the year
    • It is useful to do this work when senior leadership is working with staff to introduce whole school initiatives or are updating policies, particularly relating to the environment and climate change  
  • Format: 
    • Variable/ tailored to suit  
    • 90 minute after school CPD or half day inset 
  • Themes/ topics/areas:
    • This work can be applied to all subjects and topics 
    • It is particularly relevant for project based learning and working on environmental and social initiatives such as Eco-schools, Plastic Free Schools or UN Rights Respecting Schools.
  • Course cost:
    • From £250 for a session for up to 15 members of staff