About This Project

My Island? Your Island? Our Island?

This is the Walthamstow Archipelago.

Everyone is invited to bring their imaginations and depictions of a special, magical place to life. Please see the invitation below.
If you do make your own window exhibition please share it with @poppy_flint and @artilleryarts.

Myself and friend Kristina Riddingdon, another local crafts person with a love for community spirit, were moved by the charm and simple yet profound story of Grandad’s Island.

We admire the community focused arts projects run by Artillery and thought a great way to support this joyous programme all about the book Grandad’s Island would be to tell all our neighbours about it; invite them to also be inspired by the book and take part. Those neighbours we know, those we smile at in the street but don’t know their names, those who’s houses we pass on a daily basis but don’t recognise their faces.
We haven’t included our names but there is a little clue in the postcard so we hope some will guess the secret sender.

The Grandad’s Island programme invites anyone and everyone to take part; to create something for a front window gallery, compose a song, send an airmail to a distant relative…

Find the whole programme here.

We hope the Our Island postcard invitation will encourage more people to go and find the book in a local library, to think of how reality and fantastical imaginations can blur and spark ideas in people’s minds of where they are happiest.

community arts, waltham forest