A Bed Time Story

About This Project

Over one cup of tea talking about costume practicalities for a dance project I became a core member of this collective. Frances Donohoe, who bought this group into being, was keen to learn more circus skills and bring them into their devised contact improvisation dance performances. She now runs a very successful circus school, Sitka Cirque in Sitka, Alaska.

As a fluid collective we performed original pieces at Roll Right Fayre, Secret Garden Party, Passing Clouds and The Fountayne Head community event. As the members became tighter in working together, with musician Dolly May and dancer and aerial performer Lauren Taylor, Bedtime Story Collective were awarded Big Dance funding for devising a site specific performance to take place in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, London.

I made the costumes and props which we co-designed to fit the environment.

Big Thanks go to the guys of Summit Tree Care who made our ambitious aerial rigging in trees possible, and Michelka Tylicki for whipping up another far out flyer.

art, circus, outdoors, performance